The path gets narrower but the gates get wider.

These are works from the period 1980 to 1990. Age 34 to 44.


I used only Sennlier Pastels on #400 acid free Strathmore paper or charcoal where indicated.


If the piece doesn't say "collection of" it's for sale. Visa, Mastercard WELCOME.
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  • Bellvue Square

    Bellvue Square

    32" x 40" 1983

  • BAR Life

    BAR Life

    30" x 40" 1984

  • OrangeAde Morning

    OrangeAde Morning

    22" x 28" 1985
    c/o Jennifer Kaye Baretta

  • Make Up

    Make Up

    40" x 70" 1987

  • A view of Malibu

    A view of Malibu

    72" x 48"
    A great place for watching the surfers or getting married.

  • View from Point Loma

    View from Point Loma

    40" x 40" 1987 A land/sea scape from just below the light house at Point Loma, San Diego, CA
    c/o Stanley Baumann

  • Santa Monica Promenade

    Santa Monica Promenade

    40" x 40" 1988
    Flintridge Selection 5 & 6
    c/o Anna Yares

  • Fountain at Buena Ventura

    Fountain at Buena Ventura

    40" x 60" Done at a time when the connection with "Mom" was very precarious. c/o Stanley Baumann

  • 215 Main

    215 Main

    42" x 66" 1989 I had this empathy with the lone figure in 'Van Gogh' yellow, dwarfed by immense world behind. c/o Felicity House

  • Backstretch


    28" x 22" (Santa Anita Suite)
    Enjoying life, with a fast Gold Card crowd and working with ATTENUATED shapes. SOLD

  • Four Seasons 4 o'clock

    Four Seasons 4 o'clock

    40" x 30" Beneath all the color the atmosphere is sanitized... like 'manicured ambiance".
    c/o Steve Vitabile

  • Four Seasons Foyer

    Four Seasons Foyer

    30" x 40"
    Nearly all fo these soft pastels from the Four Seasons suite are in the collection of Steve Vitabile.

  • The Musicians

    The Musicians

    40" x 30" 1986
    Had one of my better class shows at Tommy Tangs on Melrose in 1989. c/o Rosemary Brown.

  • Poinsettia Symphony

    Poinsettia Symphony

    60" x 40" 1991
    As usual, I'm comfotable hidden behind my pencil and pad. From the Four Seasons Series. SOLD

  • Cafe 50's

    Cafe 50's

    60" x 40" 1991
    c/o Mr. Vitabile

  • L'Express


    60" x 40" 1991
    c/o Steve Vitabile

  • Courtyard Montesito

    Courtyard Montesito

    40" x 30" 1991
    c/o Steve Vitabile

  • Table Chair Woman Palm

    Table Chair Woman Palm

    24" x 28" 1992
    A view from Montesito

  • Easter Buffet

    Easter Buffet

    22" x 30" Charcoal 1991
    Done from a drawing at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Dawings room for sketch. SOLD

  • Cattails


    40" x 30" Charcoal 1991
    There is something mysterious in charcoal that holds my intrigue.
    c/o Renee Denise Crain

  • Sage Brush Cantina

    Sage Brush Cantina

    40" x 30" Charcoal 1990
    This place in Calabassas has been a great hangout for 50 years.

  • Que Pasa

    Que Pasa

    40" x 30" Has a different name now but still just as friendly visually.
    $2400.00 (framed)

  • Dinner at Kings Road

    Dinner at Kings Road

    14" x 17"
    A cool hangout in Hollywood
    c/o Katherine Petkoff & Charles Buckley. SOLD

  • Playing for Tips

    Playing for Tips

    17" x 14"
    Did a lot of shows at coffee shops but did my best drawings/work out of these dens. c/o Kiah Abbey

  • View from Wadsworth

    View from Wadsworth

    66" x 43", 1986
    From a drawing looking SE under the bridge that is Wilshire Blvd.
    $3000.00 (framed)

  • Sabino Canyon II

    Sabino Canyon II

    1990 ...I am rejuvenated by the waters of this Southwest Desert stream as they flow over me.
    c/o Stanly Baumann

  • Basket of Lemons

    Basket of Lemons

    c/o David Yochelson
    You can see the drawing for this in the Drawings room.

  • Gladiolas at Insomnia

    Gladiolas at Insomnia

    21" x 28"
    400.00 (framed)

  • Fruitscape


    40" x 30"
    $975.00 (framed)